dyer & duman is a creative brand agency led by local designers and city changers

Dyer & Duman is a creative agency designing premium brands, from pixel to paper.

As designers we create complete brand identities across print, web, and social media. We work with entrepreneurs, starters and community leaders who want to challenge ideas, see creative solutions and shape life around them.

Some tools we use to help build your business ideas:


Branding is an investment that grows into a relationship with your consumer: “This is a product or service I trust.”


Your web presence builds trust with your audience across devices of any size and speed.


Every letterform is an extension of your brand’s voice to help your consumer identify & remember you.


A strong image captures the heart and soul of your organisation and the people you are trying to reach.

Work With Us

We’re ready for your branding, web and social projects from AM to PM, Monday to Friday. Keep track of us on our Twitter timeline and stop by to say hello in our inbox.

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